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Cloning the CryoLayer Template Repository

The CryoLayer template repository is available on GitHub at

Click the "Use this template" button, then click "Create a new repository". (See GitHub's docs for more info if necessary.)

Configuration Quickstart

Clone your new repository and install dependencies with npm install or yarn.

Edit the config.js file in the root of your repository. Make sure to set webflowUrls and canonical to the correct values.

For a full list of configuration options, see the Configuration page.

Deploying to Cloudflare Workers

Install the Cloudflare CLI

The Cloudflare CLI is used to deploy your site to Cloudflare Workers. See Cloudflare's docs for installation instructions.

Run wrangler login and follow the instructions to log in to Cloudflare.

Deploy your site

Run wrangler deploy to deploy your site to Cloudflare Workers. Your terminal will display a URL where your site is available.

Set your domain to point to your Cloudflare Workers site. See Cloudflare's docs for more info.